This is a brand I found at a fair in Cartagena de Indias on January 2017. Their products seemed beautiful and well crafted and after meeting the people behind them and hearing the passion and detail gone into each piece I decided to give them a try. I’m not a candle connoisseur but I can share my experience with the two candles I brought home with me that day.

I got the blue one on the back and a black version of this red candle. Aren't they nice?!

I got the blue one on the back and a black version of this red candle. Aren't they nice?!

As far as the product’s functionality I can say they lasted quite longer than I expected. I kept one at the office and it lasted a month with sporadic use, which I was happy with and got plenty of complements on. The aroma was wild verbena. The holders I bought resemble coffee mugs made out of galvanised steel and leather. The contrast between the materials texturally and visually and the fact that I could use it after the candle was finished sealed the deal for me. I would buy these again in a heartbeat, though after checking their instagram and web page, I’ve seen they continue to expand their container styles so I’m tempted to try something new.

Now let’s talk a little bit about their branding. According to their webpage their brand essence comes from the American life style from the 1900’s where you could find Outpost stores that were a meeting place for the community since it was the place to buy tools, learn about the news and collect mail. The materials on their products successfully evoke that ambiance by using galvanized steel and leather while also thinking of their functionality by preferring soy based wax and a wooden wick for their candles which, according to them, makes them last longer and created a safer wax to handle. I’m a sucker for products made to last longer or differently than their initial function, and do so efficiently. I’ll be checking them out for my next purchase. If you like the whole old/new theme and well crafted, hand-made products, give them a go. I have to point out that this is by no means a sponsored post. I’d be surprised if anyone read my crazy ramblings. Still, since this is the internet,… #notAD , just a fan. I’ll be reviewing products and brands I find interesting in this space. I hope you find this helpful or at least somewhat entertaining.



Their instagram: @outpostvelas