Hooked on Urbanears

Stylish, easy to use, comfortable and affordable, these are the reasons why I’ve been a urbanears customer for over 5 years. Their effective branding and product design is why I’m still loyal. I am not a sound geek and I’m aware that some people enjoy a more sound-oriented approach, but I haven’t been let down by the quality of sound I’ve experienced so far and being in the industry that I am, branding and design, some things might get me more excited than others. I want a headphone, so I can listen to my music, move around and be stylish. These do just that and more. The brand seems to really understand their audience. I felt cared for and listened to. This is what I strive to achieve with the brands I develop. Every so often they improve and tweak their product designs with the comfort of their customers in mind. After I bought my first pair and had used them for some years I noticed that the fabric band seemed used and dirty. How I wished I could clean it, and lo and behold, they had redesigned their new headphones to do just that. I’ve bought four pairs since I lost my first one and I gave another one to my husband. The ones I’m currently using are the Plattan for my office and Sumpan for on-the-go. I'll add a picture at the bottom. They are easy to fold and store, I don’t get the tangled mess I used to, and they have withstood a lot of wear and tear and still look nice. With every re-launch of their products you find comfort and ease-of-use as one of their priorities and I haven’t mentioned their vast array of colors. God I love color and they seem to love it too or at least they know how much their customers do. 26 colors to choose from with an up-to-date palette. From the soft de-saturated rose (Powder Pink) to the sober and strong winter green (Emerald Green) they are made to stand out. Their marketing team even goes as far as preparing a color statement with every shade in their webpage. I’ve recommended them to everyone I know. Before I go, I want to mention how much I appreciate their logo on their webpage resembling the tags on their products. Brilliant, since it also serves as a less distracting element to the information being presented on their site. The clean fashion-forward aesthetic, their focus on color and their to-the-point approach to design show a company that thinks carefully who they are speaking to and how. They know their audience and I have to say for those like me, we listen.


How has your experience been?

Do you have a headphone that would make me change my ways?

I would love to know in the comments down below.